Winning Cash for Life Ticket is…SOLD

winning cash for life
Thursday, January 7th our sister company auctioned off a winning Cash for Life Ticket, however there was one minor detail, the winning bidder was only able to collect the winnings from the ticket for the duration of the original winners life. As closing time approached bids started rolling in and soon the bidding was extended by 20 minutes and finally the winning ticket was sold. After 12 hours of open bid time, the final bid was $40,026 to a man from Greenville, Michigan. After everything was all said and done this was one of the most interesting and news worthy auctions that has ever held!

We love having the chance to auction off cool items like this! It’s part of what makes our job so much fun! We have seen a wide variety of items come through our doors. For example, a complete Cinderella carriage, all of the seats from the Joe Louis arena, a helicopter, a gun that once belonged to Al Capone, and more! If you have any items that you think would make for an interesting auction, please contact us! We would love to shine light on your interesting item to bring in the highest final bid!

We specialize in physical asset management for a wide variety of companies. Regardless if you are looking to liquidate your whole company, or simply want to evaluate the financial worth of some of your equipment, Miedema Asset Management Group will be able to help. Each of the Miedema companies has a specific focus – from appraisals and repossessions to real estate and equipment auctions. We will sit down with your company to determine what services you are looking for and will then direct you to the proper company. We will do all that we can to make your sale as successful as possible. 

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