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Operating as a group of 9 separate but cooperatively integrated corporations, Miedema Asset Management Group regularly assists financial institutions, distressed corporations, restructuring firms, and corporate clients with solutions to their complex asset transactions and situations.
The principals of Miedema Asset Management Group, Sid and Scott Miedema, have acquired, managed and disposed of machinery, equipment, intellectual property, and real estate for more than 30 years across North America.
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We now offer private sales for entire companies, groups of assets, and or specific individual assets. 

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Past Asset Highlights

This multi-million dollar real estate and equipment case was coordinated with the United States Bankruptcy Court and utilized several Miedema Asset Management Group companies including Miedema Appraisals, Inc., Miedema Auctioneering, Inc., and Orbitbid.com, Inc. to sell over $18,000,000.00 of real and personal property assets

This large commercial electrical line contractor in New Jersey and New York required a complicated auction formula and strategy to satisfy the owners and creditors and this guaranteed auction brought in buyers from across the globe, resulting in over a million dollars in proceeds.

This million dollar plus restructuring included: refinancing, a partial auction, as well as a coordinated purchase and resale of assets through the courts in order to save a decades old viable family business. Today the company operates on a new scale with great success.

This Auction had to be conducted anonymously yet with great professionalism. MIEDEMA Asset Management Group joint ventured with another auction company to insure a confidential yet efficient auction.

This ongoing series of auctions is in conjunction with a regional lender and included 50 properties (and counting) and is assisting to rapidly clean up their accounts at above expected prices through our LASTBIDrealestate.com, Inc. auctions.

Miedema Asset Management Group joint ventured with another auction group to conduct the largest multi-million historic municipal bankruptcy auction. Our contract continues with repetitive auctions scheduled on a regular basis to assist Detroit in its great comeback.

Miedema Asset Management Group works for over 50 municipalities regularly assisting them in selling and valuing assets through our various companies.

Miedema Asset Management Group and its partners successfully sold all the physical equipment followed up with all the real property of this multi-state corporation, again a guarantee was needed to meet the business and creditor needs and was easily coordinated and completed.


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Welcome to Direct Sales
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