Lottery Winners rights to a Cash for Life Winning Ticket Hits the Auction Block

Cash for life
A lottery winner’s big future will be lost now that he has filed for bankruptcy. On behalf of the United States Bankruptcy Court, Thursday, January 7th  our sister company, will be auctioning off the rights to receive lottery payments (Cash for Life), $1000 a month for life as long as the debtor lives. The question that has come up many many times is “will I receive the payments for the rest of MY life?”, and the answer to that is no. The winning bidder on this auction will receive the $1,000 monthly payments for the rest of the original winners life. “This is one of the most unusual auctions out of the thousands we have conducted and this is sure to peak many people’s interest” says Scott Miedema, COO of Miedema Asset Management Group. “The interesting aspect of this auction is the man’s age, 73, and the other unknown details as to his health and life” Miedema states. This auction is sure to appeal to those who like to play the odds.The rights to receive lottery payments will be auctioned off Thursday, January 7th in a one day online auction via, with the auction opening sharply at 8am. Want to find out more on this auction? Watch the TV interview with Repocast’s President, Duane Mingerink and FOX17: Cash for Life Interview  We love having the chance to sell off interesting items like this – it make our job so fun and fascinating!!! You never know what we might sell, so make sure that you are checking in on our auctions frequently. From helicopters to Cinderella horse carriages you never know what crazy thing we will sell next! Do you have an item that you are looking to sell, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Regardless if it is an interesting item like this lottery ticket or if you simply have a piece of equipment to sell, we would be happy to sell it for you! Each of the Miedema companies has a its own specialty, so one of them is bound to fit your needs. From heavy equipment and machinery to autos to real estate, whatever your industry we are sure to be able to get you a great price for your assets! Contact us today to get started with your asset management solution!