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Did you know that we offer private sales for entire companies, groups of assets, and or specific individual assets? Ranging from construction, industrial and trucks and trailers, we have an array of items to choose from through our Direct Sales platform.


One of the groupings we currently have within our direct sales is a grouping of (5) 2009 Kenworth W 900’s located at our Wayland, Michigan facility. To find out more about this group of trucks visit our website at or follow this link: 2009 Kenworth W 900

Direct sales with Miedema Asset Management Group

The majority of our direct sales occur through sealed bid and turn-key auctions. These auctions are slightly different than the traditional auction that you would read about. A turn-key auction symbolizes that you can essentially turn the key to the front door of the company and find it fully operational. This is a great way to both buy or sell a company. It’s attractive to sellers because they don’t have to go through the hassle of selling off individual items to different buyers. Buyers like it because they can start operations right off the bat without having to deal with setting up the company and replacing parts. 

Direct Sales

A sealed bid auction means that all interested parties must submit their bid and then the seller will pick the highest offer. Unlike a traditional auction, bidders aren’t able to see what their peers are bidding, nor do they have the opportunity to counter bid. This forces a buyer to truly decide how much they value the property – not just base their bid off of what they think someone else values it at. If you are interested in working with us to sell off your assets, please contact us here.

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