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The Top Assets in Your Industry

Here at Miedema Asset Management Group we serve a wide variety of industries. We’ve been around for a while, so we are familiar with the machinery and equipment that are used across the board. Each piece of equipment is an invaluable asset for your company. They perform the grunt work of your production, working hard to make your operation as profitable as possible. Below are just a few of the top assets in the construction, agricultural, and tool and die industries.

Construction equipment
too and die equipment

It is incredibly important that you recognize which of your assets are the most valuable for your company so that you can properly manage and perform maintenance on them. Dedicating your resources to your prized pieces of construction, agricultural or tool and die equipment will allow them to last longer, perform better, and will save you the cost of having to replace them more frequently than you want to – after all, these pieces of machinery are incredibly expensive and eat up a lot of your capital.

Of course, you will eventually come to a point in time where you are looking to upgrade your tool and die equipment. Depreciation is inevitable and as technology advances you will want to keep up with the times to remain productive and competitive in your market. A great way to gain the capital for these new upgrades is to sell of your machinery and equipment. Our auctions bring in a pool of loyal bidders that are ready to bid on your equipment. Auctions will often bring you a higher bidding price than you would get in a traditional sale, giving you more money to purchase your new equipment. On the other hand, if you are looking for additional machinery to expand your operations or to replace an older model, our auctions offer a wide selection of machines. Contact us if you have any questions about buying or selling your equipment with us.

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