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We have many great Sealed-Bid auctions for sale right now on You can view the Sealed-Bid sales by clicking here or by clicking one of these upcoming sales:

Select Propane & Fuel, Inc. All Assets  



Complete Malt House Equipment Package


Joe Louis Arena Interior Metals and Infrastructure assets

15 Million $ Kitchen Cabinet Inventory Sealed Bid Auction

We will have more sealed bid auctions coming up in the future, but for now it would be in your best interest to look at our general upcoming auctions on our sister auction company’s site here. Are you interested in selling your own assets through a sealed bid auction? Contact us today! We would love to talk with you about the advantages of selling your unneeded inventory, machinery and equipment in an auction.

Looking to hold a standard live or online auction for your assets? We can work with you on that as well! Auctions are a fantastic was for you to sell your unwanted assets. The main advantage that most sellers are aware of when selling their assets in an auction is that they will most likely be able to receive higher funds than in a traditional sale. This is mainly because our loyal bidders (who will see your auction and will jump at the chance to participate) will bid against each other, pushing the bidding higher and higher, bringing you a better sale. Contact us today for more information.

Interested in buying equipment or heavy machinery through one of our auctions? Click here to browse a few of our upcoming online auctions! Buying equipment at an auction is often the best way to upgrade your assets. You pay less than you would buying the equipment new from a dealership, and often can get a great deal because you are the one dictating the price that you are willing to pay! Happy bidding!