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Auction of Pontiac Department of Public Works equipment nets $1.5 million

PONTIAC — The city might have just become eligible for a savings account: Tuesday’s auction of Department of Public Works equipment brought in an estimated $1.5 million.
The auction drew bidders from all over the nation, and 600 people were bidding online at one point Tuesday, said City Finance Director John Naglick. Read More  

Source: Auction of Pontiac Department of Public Works equipment nets $1.5 million

We love having the opportunity to conduct auctions for cities looking to sell their unneeded assets. We want to help them pour resources back into their communities so that they can continue to develop and improve the welfare of their city. It’s great to be able to partner with these departments.

Are you a member of a Department of public works or another city entity looking to sell off unneeded assets? Consider holding an auction with us! We would love to talk with you about auctioning off your equipment in an auction focused solely on your city. If you only have a few items that you want to sell, you would be better off selling your equipment in one of our consignment auctions that include equipment from multiple municipalities and organizations. Contact us today to get in touch with us about holding your own auction.

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