auction opportunities

Are you Missing Opportunities?

In today’s AUCTION climate many sellers and creditors prefer either cash or a guarantee up front. Miedema is experienced in negotiating and handling such transactions across the USA.

Every year we devote millions of dollars to such transactions.  We pay hundreds of thousands in shared commissions annually.

We partner with Auctioneers across the country, and provide all the financial basis in these transactions.  From $ 50,000 to $ 50 million we are ready to assist you. Call us today at 1-800-527-8243 for more information about your auction opportunities!

Interested in holding your own auction with us? We have several sister companies that are under our company umbrella that would be able to help you sell of your assets in a live or online auction. Miedema Auctioneering, Inc. is our main live auction company, while our other companies such as and handle online auctions. We sell everything from commercial and industrial machinery to agricultural equipment and autos. Contact us today to get in touch about holding your own auction. If you have enough assets of your own to sell, we can set up a whole auction just highlighting your items. If you only have a few assets you are looking to sell, our companies hold multiple consignment auctions throughout the year that bring together items from multiple consignors.

Looking to buy an item in an auction? Often times you will get a great deal on equipment and machinery that you would pay much more for buying new at a dealership – and the equipment sold in our auctions are in great condition! Because you are the one dictating the price based off of your bids, you will be paying exactly what you value the asset at. What could be better than that! Click here to see some of our upcoming auctions on our sister company Miedema Auctioneering’s auction site. Happy bidding!