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  • The finder fully understands and agrees that he or she will be conducting work as in independent contractor at his or her own expenses and risk in order to obtain information about potential auction leads.
  • If the lead is not known to Miedema Asset Management Group & the lead results in an auction the finder will receive a Finder's Fee. Any leads referred that Miedema Asset Management Group is aware of, no Finder's Fee will be awarded. This decision is solely a Miedema Asset Management Group decision.
  • The finder will not disclose this auction lead with any other parties.
  • Miedema Auctioneering cannot provide a Finder's Fee Payment for any Real Estate by law, unless the person referring the Real Estate is a licensed Real Estate Broker.
If you would rather email your information about an auction lead, please email your information to referrals@1800lastbid.com
Miedema Asset Management Group appreciates all of the people that have found us auctions and will keep all name and information confidential.